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Metal Artist

Cole McLaughlin

An artist at heart, Cole McLaughlin is a metal master who started Revello Metal Craft as a way to cater to people’s artistic needs.

The name—Revello, comes from Cole's great grandfather, Charles Revello, who came to the United States, by himself, on a boat to Ellis Island, when he was only 11 year’s old. He was sent here alone from Italy to achieve the American dream. This inspired Cole, and the name, Revello, fit his metal style and aspirations of also wanting to achieve his own American dream as a metal artist.

He’s worked with some of the best

     -  Architectural Firms

     -  Restaurant & Hospitality Design Firms

 -  Retail Store Design Teams

 -  Interior Designers (commercial & home)


His work includes developing unique one-of-a-kind metal art pieces or mass produced pieces to fit his clients’ plan. His custom metal work ranges from signs and desks to full office workspaces and beyond, for corporations large and small. He’s also built many custom pieces for residential homes including: vanities, mirrors, stainless countertops, stairs and much more. 

His metal work can be seen in well-known and high-end Hotels, Bars and Restaurants in L.A., O.C. and Mammoth Lakes. In addition, they are sold in retail art and furnishing stores in L.A., Palm Springs and Orange County. His unique pieces have also been featured in magazines, websites and television. Examples of his work and featured press are available on his website.

Recently, Cole designed and created a signature metal sculpture series called “METAL SNOW” inspired by snowflakes. Starting with over 50 unique pieces, each one is hand made with special finishes, and being displayed in art exhibits around Los Angeles and Orange County.

Cole is also excited to announce his Artisan Table Series which currently features 4 different modern table designs. These tables are being sold both online and in retail stores. He is also working on more designs for the future and hopes to expand this collection.

RECLAIMED METAL – Approximately 70% of his art pieces are made of reclaimed remnant metal–a recycled metal that becomes high quality material. This contributes to his designs, creating one-of-a-kind, environmentally-conscious art pieces.

All made and manufactured in the U.S. 

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